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Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Rental

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Hairpin, 6 seater

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RizAndMicaMake are a family run furniture manufacturer in Canning Town, East London and are a top Monty favourite!

Every piece of furniture they make is lovingly crafted from 100% reclaimed wood, which would otherwise go to landfill. This is dried in special low energy wood kilns they designed in house, bringing its moisture content to that found in European homes. Once dry, it is carefully cleaned, and scanned for metal before they start treating the wood.This lengthy process allows them to make quality pieces which will last, whilst also doing their bit for the environment.


  • Height: 75cm
  • Width: 85cm
  • Depth: 165cm

    Sustainable furniture that won't end up at landfill

    Delivery and assembly for all your items included

    Love your home! Create your home how you want it
    Flexibility to rent from 3-12 months