Join the furniture revolution.
Quality. Convenient. Flexible.

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Access top quality furniture

Just because it might not make sense to buy quality furniture, doesn't mean the only choice is buying low cost furniture from IKEA, or spending ages scrolling through Gumtree. With Monty you can access quality, design focused furniture when you need it, for as long as you need it. Subscribe anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

Seamless delivery and customer service. Sit back and watch the magic.

We take all the pain out of furniture. The furniture business-, Ikea, Wayfair etc- doesn't work for the way our generation live anymore. No more days off work waiting for multiple furniture deliveries, or evenings spent building flat-pack furniture. Schedule your installation date when you start your subscription and then sit back while we do the rest.

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Fancy a change? No problem

When you subscribe for 12 months you get one free change as part of your subscription, meaning that when you fancy a change you can change your sofa for a different look, or change your bed from upholstery to wood, giving you complete flexibility!

Home when you need it, but gone in a flash when things change.  

At the end of your subscription, renew or return your items. It's as simple as that.


Common queries

What cities do you service?

We currently serve all of Greater London but if your postcode is within an hour of the M25 we should be able to help. Drop us a message and we will let you know!

Are there any minimums to my subscription?

The minimum monthly Monty subscription cost £99, and the minimum subscription term is 3 months. If you would like the furniture for less than 3 months please get in contact and we will do our best to work out the best solution.

Is my furniture always new?

Some pieces are brand new, and some have been lightly used, but all come to you in an as new condition. Any furniture delivered to you has the Monty seal of approval, which means it has met our strict furniture criteria. Any furniture that has been used goes through a rigorous re-manufacturing process to ensure all pieces meet the same high standard. As examples, our sofas go through an 8 step treatment process and our tables are sanded, re-treated and polished.

Does your furniture ever end up in landfills?

Our furniture will never end up at landfill. We started Monty to provide an alternative option to “fast furniture” as we recognise that the large amounts of furniture that go to landfill and incineration every year is a massive issue for the planet. Eventually we want to fully close our production loop so that no furniture is wasted and we are as sustainable as possible. Any gently used furniture that doesn’t meet our strict Monty “good as new” standards after our remanufacturing process is donated to a growing list of shelters and charities.

How carefully should I treat the furniture I am subscribing to?

Furniture is for living in - so we encourage you to live in your furniture! We want Monty to help you create your perfect home. Treat the furniture as if it were your own–eat on it, sleep on it and let your friends use it. Try to respect it (just like you would if you owned it!) but don’t worry about surface-level stuff.

What happens if I accidentally break or stain an item?

Don’t panic, we know that life happens! We only offer upholstery that is commercial grade and made for living. We can typically get most stains out to make furniture look as good as new once we receive furniture back at the end of the subscription. For more extensive stains or damages, please contact us so we can discuss and evaluate next steps.