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Boost guest satisfaction and increase bookings: Picking the right furniture for AirBnB

The demand for homestay style holiday rentals has boomed the past few years, no more so than in London. Just last week a new report published that in London one home in 50 is now advertised for short-term lets. Guests are demanding more and more when it comes to their accommodation, and with the increasing professionalisation of the sector with the likes of Sonder, Lyric and Domio all offering professionally managed home-stays, the general standard of accommodation and furnishings is improving.


 Example Monty Space AirBnB bedroom


If you ask any of the top AirBnB property managers in the UK, such as My Property Host, Air Peace of Mind or Under The Doormat in the UK, they’ll all tell you how important the quality and style of furnishings is for ensuring AirBnB success.

So why is choice of furniture so important to AirBnB success?

Furniture plays a huge role in attracting guests to your property. The majority of properties don’t have sweeping views of the London skyline, or an unbeatable location, so furniture is going to play a crucial role in your AirBnB success.

With so many listings available in London and other UK cities, travellers often have the choice between a number of properties when selecting where they want to stay. Sometimes these listings are even on the same street! Ensuring that your furniture appeals to a broad range of guests during the booking process is therefore very important in securing bookings and high occupancy.


Graph to show increase in demand for AirBnB


The importance of furniture doesn’t stop there, it is also crucial during the guest’s stay. Positive reviews are key to a properties success and negative reviews can wipe £1000’s from your properties income across a period. Guests want comfortable and clean furniture that allows them to relax and unwind in their time away from home. If you can nail furniture, then high daily rates and occupancy will follow!

We’ve had a number of customers who are using Monty Space to rent furniture for their AirBnB, so we wanted to layout what customers should be considering when it comes to furnishing an AirBnB, and why rental is the best option for AirBnB furniture.

What are the benefits of renting furniture for your AirBnB?

Economical: Renting furniture with Monty Space allows you to reduce the upfront cost of starting your AirBnB. Without Monty Space you’d have to buy all the furniture before you’ve earned any income from guests, but with Monty Space you can pay for the furniture every month out of your income. Reduce your risk by renting furniture flexibly!

No assembly costs: With Monty Space there is no assembly cost, it is included as standard in every rental. Sit back relax while we do all the heavy-lifting, literally!


Design, delivery and installation are all included in your furniture rental with Monty Space


Flexibility: Monty Space allows you to swap out and upgrade your rental furniture at any point. Furthermore, in some cities you are only able to run an AirBnB for a fixed amount of days per year. For instance in London the limit is 90 days, so why buy furniture for a 3–4 month period?

No maintenance costs: Due to the high volume of guests, running an AirBnB means your furniture will likely suffer from higher amounts of wear and tear. But when you rent furniture through Monty Space you’re not responsible for maintenance of the items, so you don’t need to worry about that. We refurbish and professionally clean all furniture at least every 12 months.

Free design and styling: Included in every Monty Space Hospitality rental- whether for a 3 month or a 12 month period- is interior design assistance by our in-house design team. Our experienced interior designers know exactly how to create the perfect bespoke style for your property. The process starts by selecting your preferred look from our distinctive packages; from “corporate” to “pop”, and “earth” to “millenial”.

Quality: Get access to durable and stylish furniture at a fraction of what it would have cost to buy. All our items are selected for their durability and timeless style.

Tips for an occupancy boosting living room

The living room will likely be the first room a guest explores so it should instantly reassure them that they have made the right decision: match the marketing photos, be clean, and well dressed.

Sofa: Ensure your sofa is space appropriate. You should aim to strike a balance between comfort and bulkiness, and remember that you can always add cushions, throws and pouffes for added comfort. Bright and quirky colours are useful for helping your property stand out in listings. A mustard yellow sofa can add a peaceful glow to your space, or a moody green can invite serenity to the room.

It is important to remember that a sofa bed can add value to your property as it can accommodate two more people. Monty Space has a variety of sofa beds available for rental.


Renting a sofa bed is a good way to boosting your average nightly rate for your AirBnB


Lastly, if your AirBnB is popular it will see a large amount of use, leading to wear and tear, and less careful guests may cause spills and marks. It is important to ensure your sofa fabric can withstand such use by using fabric that is protected and is hard wearing. All Monty Space rental furniture is designed to be hard-wearing.

Coffee table: A necessary addition to complete your living room. A coffee table will give your guests somewhere to place their snacks and drinks whilst relaxing, as well as somewhere for those everyday items like maps and keys which they’ll need as they head out the door.

Lounge chairs: It’s worth adding one or two good looking armchairs into your living room to add some character and colour to your decor. On Monty Space we have sofa bed armchairs available for rent, which are great for adding more occupancy to your property.


An AirBnB living room should look inviting, relaxing and comfortable


Rugs: A rug is a great way to add warmth and comfort to the room. Make sure the rug is large enough to go under the legs of furniture, this will set boundaries and ground the furniture. If your rug is too small to do this, your room will look smaller in marketing photos, which you definitely do not want! Make sure you pick your rug before other soft furnishings, it is the most impactful piece that will tie everything else together.

Lamps: Lamps play a crucial role in providing ambience lighting to rooms, and for lighting up dark corners with the room. Guests can adjust the layers of light to their own choice, giving them a great home-stay experience. Many of our rental lamps can be used as statement pieces.

 Lighting is crucial to create ambience in an AirBnB

Bedroom furniture must-do’s

Bedrooms are the primary place of relaxation and the furniture is crucial to give that instant feeling of relaxation.

Mattress: The key to a good review is a good night’s sleep for your guest, and the most important thing for a good night’s sleep is a comfortable mattress. This is why we’ve partnered with Nectar Sleep to provide Monty Space renters with their award winning mattress. Your guests will love it!

Bed: A double bed is perfect for a short-let, but if space permits king size is a good option to add extra opulence and comfort for you guests.

Side table: Bedside tables are crucial for guests to be able to store their night-time essentials like cosmetics or a glass of water. As a general rule of thumb, it is worth noting that your bedside should be roughly the same height as the top of your mattress.


Hotel grade bedding is crucial for good reviews on AirBnB


Storage: AirBnB guests don’t require as much storage as long-term tenant, but a small chest of drawers or an open clothes rack can give your guests the homely luxury of not having to pull their clothes out of a suitcase.

Lamps: Bedside lamps are a must for guests to be able to unwind in ambient lighting before they sleep, whether it’s a night reading or just mood lighting.

A kitchen that works for business and holiday travellers

Dining table: It’s key to consider the functional requirements of a dining table, for example, how many people need to be seated, what space is required around the furniture for passage and the seating arrangement. A great choice for many modern apartments, which have a shared kitchen and living space, is one of our extendable dining tables that can be reduced in size when not in use.

Kitchen items: It’s important to remember that guests have chosen to book your property because of the benefits it provides over alternatives, such as hotels. One of the big value ads for many guests is being able to prepare their own meals, so a full and comprehensive kitchen equipment is a must. We provide our “Full Monty” kitchen equipment, dinnerware and cleaning pack to make starting your Airbnb as simple as possible.


A coffee machine is a cost-effective way to ensure your guests have a great time staying at your AirBnB


Soft furnishings to create a cohesive style

The importance of soft furnishings should not be overlooked. Cushions, rugs and curtains add characterful accents to a room, as well as providing comfort and warmth. Our Monty Space interior designers pay close attention to contrasting textures in order to add depth and interest to a space. Lastly, they also have the functional advantage of regulating the acoustics in a room. A bare room can sound echoey and tinny, and not very homely, which is a bad guest experience.

Monty Space furniture rental is the answer to all your furniture woes

Furniture is a crucial part of the puzzle to achieve AirBnB success. Stylish and well-designed properties with quality furniture will appeal to guests and generate high value bookings. Until now achieving this for your AirBnB may have been time-consuming, expensive and risky. However, with Monty Space you can rent furniture that cuts all of the pain out of the process whilst giving you complete flexibility.

At Monty Space we’re all about top quality service, so if you have any queries on our furniture rental or furniture for AirBnBs in general, please don’t hesitate to get in contact at You can also check out our range at

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