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The future of furniture


We believe that when our lives change, our furniture should be able to change with us - without spending a fortune or damaging the planet in the process.

Monty: A brief history

Our founder Sam loved the flexibility of renting. Like other urban professionals, across a number of years he moved between homes, allowing him to enjoy the new experiences of new jobs, new neighbourhoods and new roommates.

However, he didn’t love the painful practicalities of moving - particularly when it came to furniture. The expense and hassle of moving existing furniture, to then find out it didn’t fit properly into his new place, or spending weekends waiting for multiple furniture deliveries, made moving an unpleasant experience.

He believed that there needed to be a better solution to the current furniture model, it simply didn’t work for the way that people live today.

The new way to create your dream home

At Monty we believe you deserve a space that feels and looks like home, whether you’re there for a few months or a few years. Monty gives you a different option when it comes to creating that space. We offer high-quality, stylish furniture and decor through a flexible subscription model. Need full apartment furniture for a year? We’ve got that. Need a sofa as the landlords one is awful? We can do that. Want to swap the dining table for a larger one after 2 months? Absolutely!

Furnishing your home is now as convenient, sustainable and affordable as it should be.

Let's create a sustainable future

By using Monty you’re saying goodbye to unsustainable “fast” furniture. Fast furniture is cheap, disposable furniture produced with the intention of beginning and ending its life with one person -- then being thrown away. It’s made with materials that make it impossible to be reused or recycled.

Fast furniture is a huge problem for our planet. Only 10% of furniture waste across Europe is recycled, with 90% either being incinerated or sent to landfill. This is equates to 9 million tons of discarded furniture every year; one sofa for every 4 people in the EU.

Our mission

Our mission is to make it simple, flexible and convenient for people to create homes in modern cities. We’re focused on doing this in a manner that reduces our impact on the environment.